Here's just some of what this proven-successful program gives you ...

Daily Videos

These videos are the next best thing to having me in your home for personal coaching! These daily videos give you the tools you need to meet your weight loss goals and set up your new, healthy, thin lifestyle. Plus ...
Daily Videos

Easy Meal Plan

With the JK Weight Loss Program, you get a structured and detailed - yet flexible - meal plan specially designed to help you lose maximum amount of weight without feeling hungry. Plus ...
Easy Meal Plan

Resources and Special Tips

You'll have access to loads of helpful resources (like my 10-minute meals) and extra tips (like the secret to minimizing cravings) to ensure your success in reaching your weight loss goal. Plus ...
Resources and Special Tips

Exclusive Recipes

Bonus: You get over 100 of our favorite recipes that have been used by thousands to lose weight deliciously! And ...
Exclusive Recipes

and Amazing Support

Our amazing community support group gives you the support and encouragement you need from those who have been there.
and Amazing Support

All This for One Low Price

Your subscription to the JK Program is a ONE-TIME fee! You won't find another program of this quality for such a low price.

I can’t believe you charge so little for your program. It’s worth at least ten times that much. It’s so much more than I expected. I love it!"  - Lisa

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What Others Are Saying

“I love this program because I love to eat! … I’m now an energetic 120 pounds and enjoying life to the fullest!”


“I have lost 26 lbs (6 more than my goal)! I haven't been hungry and feel amazing.”


“I grew up in a family where everyone was overweight and I have been overweight my entire life. Not only have I lost 150 pounds, but I have more energy now than I did when I was 20. ”


“In the 9 weeks I’ve been on this program, I have lost 32 pounds and I am still losing. But even more exciting than that is I do not need [diabetes] medication anymore.”


“I love your recipes! And it’s true! Since I’ve been following your plan, I don’t have cravings like I used to. ”


“I love your program.… At my last doctor visit, he said, “Keep doing what you’re doing!” I certainly will because I’ve never felt better! ”


“Your videos are very well done and clear and to the point. And the program is easy to follow. Thank you. ”


“I didn’t think it was possible, but here I am 9 weeks later and I’ve lost weight, my bp is normal, and the pain in my leg is gone! I wouldn’t believe this if I weren’t living it! ”


“What I like about your program is I don’t have to do smoothies or juicing or fasting or supplements or stuff like that!”


Lose weight. Feel amazing.

No counting. No special shakes or supplements. No dieting. Just a healthy and slim you.
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The Program

  • What is included in membership?

    You will get a video from Jennifer for the first 14 days of the program and a daily email (with lots of great tips!) for 30 days. You’ll also receive exclusive access to our Support Community where you will find loads of encouragement and motivation, and where you’ll be able to see how this program has worked for others. Your membership comes with several complete meal plans that include a grocery list and recipes and just what you need to make eating healthy easier. But that’s not all! You’ll also get a ton of helpful resources, extra tips, and exclusive recipes only available to members of this program.

  • Why should I join?

    In this membership-only program, I show you • how to increase your metabolism • how to raise your set point • some surprising foods that are slimming • and some shocking ones that aren’t • what to do if you don’t like healthy foods (like vegetables) • what to do about cravings • how to lose weight without counting calories or carbs • how to not be hungry and still lose weight • why so many people fail at losing and keeping weight off • And how you can have success!

  • Do I have to watch one video every day?

    You can watch the videos whenever is convenient for you and you can go at your own pace.

  • Does the program expire after 30 days?

    Membership gives you a LIFETIME membership in the JK Weight Loss Support Group and an entire YEAR to watch the videos and use the meal plan and other resources.

  • Will I get personalized coaching?

    In the JK Weight Loss Support Group, you’ll be able to ask Jennifer questions directly. You will also be able to interact with others who are going through the program with you. It’s a great way to connect, support and encourage each other!

  • What if I live outside of the United States?

    No problem – all you need is an internet connection!

  • Do you offer refunds?

    After helping thousands lose weight on this program, we are confident that it works, and we really hope you love it! Unfortunately, we are not able to offer refunds for the program. If you’re unsure whether you want to purchase or not, we recommend you watch the preview video, read through the FAQs, and check out the list of benefits this program includes. This will help you get an idea of what is included in the membership before you join.

The Support Group

  • What is the Jennifer’s Kitchen Weight Loss Support Community?

    The JK private Facebook support group is one of the most unique weight loss support communities on the web. Here you will gain exclusive access to loads of helpful tools to help you successfully reach your weight loss goals. Plus you’ll be able to connect with others and join with them on their weight loss journey. You’ll share victories, success tips, and healthy recipes to empower you to become a slim and healthy new you! Logging into a supportive online community on a regular basis has been shown to increase your chances of losing weight and keeping it off.

  • Do I have to be involved in the support group?

    While being involved in a support group has been shown to increase success, it certainly isn’t required. This program is designed to be flexible and adaptable to your needs.


  • Can I use this program for my child?

    Yes, this program is safe and healthy to use for all ages. When a child needs to lose weight, when possible, we recommend the entire family use the program to encourage and support the child. This isn’t difficult since this program is very enjoyable and flexible to meet all needs.

Special Medical Concerns

  • I have diabetes/heart disease. Can I use this program?

    Yes! This program works great for those with diabetes, heart disease, and other medical issues. Be sure to work with your physician when you are following this program as you may need to lower your medicine dosage.

The Food

  • What if I have terrible eating habits and don’t like healthy food at all?

    No problem! This program is designed just for you! I will show you how to make small changes that make big differences. I’ll also share with you special tips and tricks to help you actually learn to like slimming food.

  • Do you provide a meal plan so I can know what to eat?

    This program comes with 3 delicious and comprehensive meal plans to help you lose maximum amount of weight without needing to figure out what to eat every day and without counting calories or carbs. Extra help is also included that will help you spend minimal time in the kitchen.

  • Is this program gluten-free?

    While this program isn’t necessarily gluten-free, there are plenty of gluten-free options. If you want or need to eat gluten-free, you will find this program very easy to adjust to meet your needs.

  • Is this program vegan?

    The meals in this program focus on plant-based foods; however, there are also non-plant-based options available on the meal plans that are easy to adapt to your personal tastes.

  • Is this program clean-eating?

    Yes, this program focuses on eating wholesome, unprocessed foods.

Count Calories / Carbs?

  • Do I have to count carbs?


  • Do I have to count calories?

    Nope. Not a single one!


  • Are there any hidden costs or items I have to buy?

    No. You will not need to purchase supplements, special meals, juices, or shakes, and there are no hidden costs. Other than purchasing basic healthy food when you go grocery shopping, you will find everything you need to lose weight included in this program.

The Videos / DVDs

  • Are the videos in the Jennifer’s Kitchen Weight Loss Program available via DVD or online (streamed)?

    The video section of the program is available either via DVD or online! The online version can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or smart phone. DVD can be purchased via the link at the bottom of this page.

  • I already own the DVD. How do I become a member?

    In your DVD you will have received a special access code that will give you a free membership to the Jennifer’s Kitchen Weight Loss Program. Simply enter your access code on the checkout page to get your free membership.


  • What if I have questions during the program (or after)?

    In the JK Weight Loss Support Group, you’ll be able to ask Jennifer questions and communicate with other members. It’s an amazing resource and a great way to connect, support and encourage each other!

  • Is the program flexible?

    Yes, the guidelines in the program are just that – guidelines. The closer you follow those guidelines, the easier your weight loss will be; however, there is still much flexibility in the program and it is easy to adapt it to your personal needs

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The cost for the JK Weight Loss Program is a ONE-TIME fee! You won't be able to find another program of this quality for such little money.